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Used PING Iron Sets for Sale:

Second Hand PING Single Irons and Wedges for Sale
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Single Irons & Wedges
Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING G20 & I20 Iron sets
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G20 & I20
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING Anser Forged Iron sets
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Anser Forged
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING G15, I15 & K15 Irons
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G15, K15 & I15
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING Rapture and Rapture V2 Irons
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Rapture & Rapture V2
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING G10 and I10 Iron Sets for Sale
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G10 & I10
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand G5 and I5 Irons for Sale
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G5 & I5
Iron Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING G2, G2HL, G2EZ Iron Sets for Sale
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G2, G2 HL & G2 EZ
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING S59, S58 and S57 Iron Sets for Sale
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S56, S57, S58 & S59
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING I3+, I3+ Blade, I3 O-Size, I3 Blade Iron Sets for Sale
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I3+, I3 o-size & I3 Blade
Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING ISI and ISI-K Iron Sets for Sale
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Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING Zing and ZING2 Iron Sets for Sale
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Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING EYE2+, EYE2 and EYE Iron Sets for Sale
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Irons Currently in Stock
Second Hand PING Ladies G5l, G2l and Rhapsody Iron Sets for Sale
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Ladies Iron Sets
in stock
Second Hand PING Karsten 1, 2 & 3 Iron Sets for Sale
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Karsten 1,2 & 3
Irons Currently in Stock

The PING G20 irons released in 2011 manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel are game improvement irons. The G20 irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and accuracy which is achieved through an oversized head, extreme perimeter weighting, a thick topline and a wide sole. The multi material cavity badge is designed to provide a soft feel and pleasing sound whilst improving distance control. The G20 irons have a think face that sends weight to the back flange which improves the clubs centre of gravity providing high launching longer shots.

The PING I20 irons released in 2011 are made from 17-4 stainless steel with a tungsten sole weight and designed for the mid handicap golfer. The I20 irons have smaller short irons to delivery accuracy and larger longer irons that provide more forgiveness and higher launch. The PING I20 irons have a thicker face and rear stabilizing bars that ensure distance control and a solid feel.

The PING Anser Forged Irons are forged from 8620 Stainless Steel with a tungsten sole weight. Anser Forged irons provide both forgiveness and playability. The Anser Forged irons have stabilizing bars that position the centre of gravity low in the longer irons for high ball speed and high launch angles whilst the shorter irons have more vertical stabilizing bars that make the shorter irons deliver a more penetrating ball flight. The Anser Forged irons provide clean lines, a soft feel and are finished with a satin-chrome plating.

The PING G15 irons released in 2009 provide maximum forgiveness and consistency. Aimed at the improving golfer and designed to provide high trajectories and long distance. The G15 irons have a wide sole and extreme perimeter weighting to provide the forgiveness that improving golfers require.

The PING K15 irons/hybrids game improvement irons released in 2010 are designed to improve ball flight and add consistency. The K15 irons have a titanium face and stainless steel body to increase launch and forgiveness.

The PING I15 irons released in 2009 are designed for better, lower handicap golfers who prefer a little more playability than forgiveness. The I15 longer irons offer a greater level of forgiveness with their larger heads when compared to the shorter irons that offer increased playability with their smaller heads.

Introduced in 2007 the PING Rapture irons are PING's most forgiving irons designed with a large offset for maximum forgiveness. The PING Rapture irons are wide-soled, perimeter weighted irons which rely on the strategic use of titanium, steel and tungsten to create a high-performance, multi-material iron.

The PING Rapture V2 Irons introduced in 2008 improve upon the Rapture irons. Rapture V2 rely on multi-metal technology to launch the ball higher, longer and with more accuracy. A dense tungsten sole weight positions the centre of gravity low and away from the face.

The PING G10 Irons are game improvement irons designed for extreme forgiveness. The large deep cavity heads provide high launching, consistent shots. The PING G10 irons have extreme toe weighting to increase the moment of inertia for added forgiveness.

The PING I10 Irons combine control and forgiveness into one. The I10 irons are designed for the lower figure handicapper they provide more feel and less forgiveness compared to the G10 irons. The I10's have a blade-style look with reduced offsets and cavity backed performance.

The PING G5 Irons build upon the success of the extremely popular PING G2 irons. The large head and wide sole of the G5 Irons provides forgiveness and consistency across the club face. By designing a deeper, parallel cavity, the sole is widened to allow the centre of gravity to be positioned lower and further from the face for higher launching, more accurate results.

The PING I5 irons provide a balance of forgiveness and playability. Designed for the lower figure handicapper the PING I5 irons feature mid-size, perimeter-weighted heads with less offset than the G5 iron.

The extremely popular PING G2 Irons where introduced in September 2003 they're available in four different models, including models designed specifically for golfers with slower swing speeds.

The standard G2 irons have wide soles and low centres of gravity positioned away from the faces, this provides higher launching and more forgiving results.

The PING G2 HL irons (high loft) has a wider sole and extreme perimeter weighting in the long irons allowing golfers to hit longer, higher, softer-landing long iron shots.

The PING G2 EZ is engineered for slower swing speeds, the G2 EZ loft configurations were designed to optimize yardage gaps between clubs.

The Ladies PING G2L irons are light-weight and easy-to-hit, G2 L irons were designed for women with slow swing speeds, utilizing loft progressions optimized to achieve the ideal distance between shots.

The PING I3+ irons and I3+ Blade irons where released in 2002 and improved upon the highly popular I3 and I3 blade irons. The I3+ irons feature a 15% larger Custom Tuning Port and redesigned sole geometry that lowers the face surface for improved playability from a wide variety of lies.

The PING I3 O-Size irons and I3 Blade Irons where introduced in 1999. The Oversized heads of the I3 O-Size Irons provides golfers with maximum forgiveness whilst the i3 Blade Irons have a smaller, more compact head with less offset and bounce for golfers seeking less forgiveness with more control and feel.

The PING S59 Irons are designed for low handicap golfers, they have a traditional blade appearance, including a thin top line, smooth hosel transition, compact head and narrow, cambered sole.

The PING S58 irons replaces the popular S59 Irons. The S58 is a blade iron designed for lower handicap golfers. The tour-proven technology of the S58 irons elevates the feel and performance of a smaller, traditional head.

The PING S57 Iron range replace the S58 irons. The S57 irons have a blade design designed with tour trajectories and control for the lower handicap player

The PING S56 irons released in 2010 are designed for low handicap golfers looking for maximum playability and shot making. The S56 irons were used to win the 2010 British Open. S56 irons have a steel body with a tungsten toe weight.

The PING ISI irons where introduced in 1996. The goal of these irons was to combine the accuracy of the ZING 2 model with the shot-making capability of the popular EYE2 model.

The PING ISI-K irons have an oversized head to provide more forgiveness for the improving higher handicap golfer. The ISI iron are also available in Beryllium Copper and Beryllium Nickel for a softer contact with the ball.

The PING ZING irons where originally introduced in 1992. The ZING Irons have a thicker top line and enhanced perimeter weighting to make them very forgiving irons. The ZING irons are available with stainless steel heads or the softer feeling beryllium copper.

The PING ZING2 Irons feature similar extreme perimeter weighting as the ZING irons, however they have a cleaner top line for improved appearance at address. Introduced in 1994 PING ZING2 irons have remained one of PING's most forgiving irons, highly popular with golfers around the world.

The PING EYE2+ irons built upon the success of the original PING EYE and PING EYE2 irons which introduced perimeter weighting. The EYE2+ has increased perimeter weighting, larger head and redesigned cavity with thicker top line than the PING EYE2 and EYE models, this goes to make a very forgiving iron that helps keeps mishit shots on target.

The PING Karsten series of Irons where PING's first mass produced irons. The Karsten Series feature heel and tow weighting for forgiveness.

The ladies PING G5L irons are designed especially for the lady golfer. Using the technology of the popular G5 irons the women's G5l irons feature a wider sole and extreme perimeter weighting to help get the ball high in the air.

The PING Rhapsody ladies irons have a wide sole and extreme perimeter weighting which ensure higher launching, more accurate shots. The stainless steel irons are designed to provide consistent results.

The PING Faith ladies irons have a very wide sole and extreme perimeter weighting which ensure high launching and accurate shots. The stainless steel irons are designed to provide consistent results and replaced the popular ladies Rhapsody range.


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"PING Irons revolutionized the game of golf. PING introduced the use of cavity back (perimeter weighted) club heads to provide forgiveness and consistency"

PING Condition Guide.

10 - New - unused, perfect new condition.
9 - Excellent - used with very minor signs of light usage.
8 - Very good – used with normal signs of light use.
7 - Good - shows signs of normal use with some minor scratches or marks to paintwork.
6 - Fair - shows noticeable usage marks and scuff that do not effect performance.
5 - Well used - shows heavy signs of use, nothing to effect performance.
4 - Damaged - has performance effecting damage.